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A List of Really Great Author Websites to Inspire You

Hey y'all, have I got a treat for you!

I've been fielding a lot of questions from newbie authors who are looking to set up their own author websites and blogs. And I don't have to tell you how important having a website of your own is, when you want to let readers and potential agents and publishers, know about your books, your body of work, your bio and upcoming events. It is your identity on the the internet.

I will craft a different post where I'll go through how to create your own website from scratch, platforms to use, features to add and include reliable resources. However, today's post will focus on a showcase of good author websites. What makes them so good? Can you adopt and include similar features and looks into yours? Because, after all, in order to produce good work, you need to know what good work is!

Have a good Sunday guys!

9 Author Websites to Inspire You

Rainbow Rowell

I love, absolutely love, Rainbow Rowell's website. The background is a soft and soothing color and she puts her books front and center with a slider. A slider with your books and featured works on your homepage has a tremendous potential of pulling your readers in.

Brad Thor

Brad Thor also has an auto-slider background for his website which focuses on his books, promos and offers. It's interesting to note the dark colors of his website, in tune with the theme and genre of his books. Brad's newsletters are always full of updates on his work, events and whereabouts, so it's quite natural to put the Sign up form on the first-fold of the homepage.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy's website is adorable. It's targeted as much towards children as it towards adults. If you're designing your own website, unless you have design experience, I wouldn't suggest that you go for quirky animated elements, but based on your main genre, try and play around with bright colors.

Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver puts her books front and center. And not just the new ones, even the ones on discounted offer. Like Brad Thor, her newsletter also comes on top of the fold.

David Sedaris

David Sedaris's website goes one step ahead and puts the entire spotlight on his latest book. With three prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons that specify where you can buy his book. Having a highlighted CTA button in a bright color will prompt your reader to take action. It could be anything from a Sign Up button for your newsletter to a "Buy Now" button for your latest book to a "Contact" button.

Nicole Krauss

Nicole's website does the same thing with putting focus on her latest book in bright, opulent colors. The website uses a cool parallax scrolling effect to display the most important links in large noticeable fonts, that prompts visitors to click on one of them, with buy links at  the bottom.

Lindy West

Lindy West's website is just as fabulous as she is. She puts her own portrait on the background, front and center, and that is completely apt for her book. Apart from just description or Buy buttons, her website also focuses on testimonials and blurbs from other bestselling authors. Scroll past that and she has links to all her upcoming events and contact details. Don't shy away from using big, bright fonts that are also professional looking.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Carlos's website aesthetics are completely dependent on the genre of his work. From the colors to the font, to the dark, ancient-looking background, all points towards the theme of the book. In this case, the book blurb makes the front page.

Peter James

See the slider thing again? It's popular. And for good reason. It manages to show more important info in a single space than having to scroll down screen after screen or having to click on multiple links. Consider putting your Youtube channel or book trailer in focus on your homepage. Or maybe even your social links.

For my own website, I used a large slider to focus on my upcoming books and cover design work. The slider also includes abstract posts from Instagram that are glimpses into my life. At the header of each page, social links are featured prominently.

Have fun with your website, whether you're designing it yourself or getting it professionally designed. Keep in mind that it is your business identity though, and it should be easy for everyone to find the relevant information as quickly as possible.

That's all for today, folks! Make sure you Subscribe to have fresh posts on book marketing and writing, delivered to your inbox. Let's Sell Your First Book! Marketing 101 for Brand-new Author goes on pre-order from 1st January, 2018.